Discover the YOU that will be brave enough to say what you want and Bold enough to live it. 

Day after day, Year after year,  you find yourself "just getting by." You have convinced yourself that this is the best there is and life is "good." But deep inside something is stirring, dying to get out!
It's time to go for it with reckless abandon and invest in yourself! Fierce You Coaching will provide Clarity, Power, and Strategy to get from where you are to where you want to go....faster! 
Coaching Is For You If:
  • You want to stop the bad/toxic habits that are holding you back...mentally, physically, or in relationships
  •  You want to expand your business or position at work
  •  You want to discover what you really want and How to get it
  •  You want to build inner confidence that is unshakable and unstoppable
  • ​You don't believe in blaming or get easily offended 
  • ​You are READY for positive change 
Be The Best YOU Possible!
Who Is Tabatha Thorell?
I’m Tabatha Thorell. I’m not perfect, refined or apologetic. I’m not your typical fitness coach and I will never tell you eating broccoli over Oreos will get won’t. 

Workouts will be hard and choosing what we NEED to eat over what we WANT to eat can be mind numbingly painful.

I’m real. I’m a wife...I’m a mom...I’m a woman who loves pizza and wishes fresh made donuts made me skinny. 

I’ve done triathlons....half competitions....obstacle races....and you know what the most rewarding compliment I ever got was? My 8 year old daughter saying she “thinks I’m the fittest mom in the school.” BOOM!

You see, I got into fitness to achieve my ideal body; but stayed because it made me feel powerful, bold and fierce. That’s what I want for you! The woman on the other side of the screen. The woman who is dying inside and doesn’t understand why. The woman who looks at her life and KNOWS she should be “happy” but allows herself judgmental thoughts and comments about other women who have what she wants.

I was you. That's not something I like to admit... but it WAS me. Then I figured out what I wanted and what I needed to get there. It was more than food and fitness. It was transforming into the strongest, bravest, boldest woman I knew was inside me.

Now THIS is my life’s mission: to help women become BOLD, BRAVE and FIERCE. We all have it in us...let me help you release the Lioness. The world is waiting!
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