Exercise: The Bridge To True LifeStyle Changes
Written by Tabatha Thorell on Oct. 27th 2018
What if there was ONE thing that could help you focus, get motivated, lift your energy, and make you feel GREAT?
Well I am here to tell you there is…it’s called exercise. 
I know, I know, when you hear that you think “oh here we go again, talking about exercise, I hate exercise!”

Here’s the truth….Exercise, physical fitness, working out…whatever you would like to call it…..it produces chemicals and hormones in your body to help you achieve greatness.
Don’t just take my word for it. Let’s do a little experiment.  Wherever you are, stand up.  

Set an alarm for 30 seconds and run as fast as you can standing in one place. Ready, set, GO!
How do you feel?

Besides being a little out of breath, let’s be honest…. you feel a little invigorated. I know you do because your brain is doing things inside your body that make you feel that way. 
It’s something most people don’t want to hear because they link exercise with pain, discomfort, awkwardness, and embarrassment. Who wants those things? NOBODY!
I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.
 - Want more focus and clarity? Exercise.

 - Want a better Relationship and more feelings of “happiness?” Exercise.

 - Want to feel motivated in your work and business? Exercise.

 - Want more energy to enjoy the things you love? Exercise.
Exercise can be fun, invigorating, challenging, rewarding and HIGHLY beneficial. Beyond what it does for your body, exercise changes your mindset.
Our minds can be deceiving. They tell us the couch and cookies are way safer than that “workout” you were suppose to do. Our brains keep us safe, that’s how they are designed. But “safe” will not stretch you, mold you into the woman you were created to be. “Safe” may keep you surviving but it isn’t letting you thrive.

Exercise will help you get you where you want to go. Not just because you have a desire to be skinny or fit, but because the chemicals and hormones your body produces when you exercise will propel you into a mindset of victory, success and accomplishment. These things produce long lasting lifestyle Changes.
This isn’t just a placebo effect. The chemicals (serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and endorphins) that are released when you exercise lift your energy, help you become more alert and focused, help you become motivated and make you feel rewarded, help you feel good, and reduces pain and anxiety.

The simple fact is we have access to these “gifts” every day and most Women let fear stop them from accessing them.

Exercise will give you what you need to hit your physical goals. It will give you what you need to help change your mindset. It will give you what you need to give you results in all areas of your life.

Bridge the gap…TRUST THE EXERCISE.

About Author: 
Tabatha Thorell

I’m Tabatha Thorell. I’m not perfect, refined or apologetic. I’m not your typical fitness coach and I will never tell you eating broccoli over Oreos will get easier....it won’t.