Release The Lioness
Written by Tabatha Thorell on Oct. 27th 2018
We all have this little voice inside of us. A voice that says “I want that. I can do that. I Need that.” That small, but significant voice can also be drowned out by the other voice. The voice that says “You don’t really want that. You can’t do that, don’t even try. You don’t need that, who do you think you are?”
I am here to tell you to STOP “feeding” the negative voice. If you stop “feeding” it, aka listening and accepting it as truth, then it will die.

It’s time to start ‘feeding’ the positive voice. It’s time to give it what it needs to grow and

You do this by knowing who you are and not settling for other people’s opinion of who they think you are or should be. Start taking action and not letting disappointments be a setback but a set up for the greatness that is inside of you.

Life is hard. Period.

There will be disappointments, there will be hurt, there will be pain, there will be loss. But there is also Joy, Love, Peace, excitement, fulfillment and when you CHOOSE to focus on those things…. GREATNESS happens. When you tap into the greatness inside of you, you release something. I am sure there is some scientific term I could use here (but won’t because I am no neuroscientist), but I like to call her “My lioness.” The Proud, the strong, unstoppable, unshakeable, relentless spirit that will become everything she was created to be.

I believe that we all have that spirit inside of us, the one that believes and knows we deserve greatness. We just aren’t sure what to do with that. Life circumstances and negative influences have made us feel “less than” for so long that we aren’t sure what to believe.

I am here to tell you she is there, inside of YOU. She is hungry. If you can tap into the Positive and feed your mind, body and spirit, she will not only grow but rise up and bring out the greatness in you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Don’t settle for less than you were created to be. Stop feeding the negative and living a life of quiet misery.

It’s time to rise up and release her..Your Lioness….Your Greatness!

About Author: 
Tabatha Thorell

I’m Tabatha Thorell. I’m not perfect, refined or apologetic. I’m not your typical fitness coach and I will never tell you eating broccoli over Oreos will get won’t.