What You Get:
  •  Workout Program: In Home and at the Gym Workouts w/demo Videos to show you everything, movement descriptions, weekly motivations, fitness tracking, and more!
  • Nutrition: Meal Plan Blueprints, as well as example meal plans to help take the guess work out of what to eat. Knowledge on Macro nutrition, steps on how to track so you will lose fat, gain muscle and Confidence!
  •  Mindset Tips: Losing fat is great, but learning how to maintain that lifestyle is the key to long sustaining Change. Learn simple techniques on how to not only reach your goals, but exceed them for a lifetime! 
  •  Bonus: Journal Entries, a Facebook community and recipes to equip you for success!
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Who is Tabatha Thorell?
I’m Tabatha Thorell, I’m not perfect, refined or apologetic. I’m not your typical fitness coach and I will never tell you eating broccoli over Oreos will get easier....it won’t. 

Workouts will be hard and choosing what we NEED to eat over what we WANT to eat can be mind knumbingly painful 😳

I’m real...I’m a wife...I’m a mom...I’m a woman who loves pizza and wishes fresh made donuts made me skinny. 

I’ve done triathlons....half marathons....fitness competitions....obstacle races....and you know what the most rewarding compliment I ever got? My 8year old daughter saying she “thinks I’m the fittest mom in the school.” 

You see, I got into fitness to achieve my ideal body, but stayed because it made me feel strong, powerful, bold and fierce. That’s what I want for you. The woman on the other side of the screen. The woman who is dying inside and doesn’t understand why. The woman who looks at her life and KNOWS she should be “happy” but can’t help herself from judgemental thoughts and comments of other women who have what she wants. 

I was you....not something I like to admit but it WAS me. The I figured out what I wanted and what I needed to get there. It was more than food and fitness. It was transforming my kind intro the strongest, bravest, boldest woman I knew I could become.

Now this is my life’s mission....to help women become bold, brave and fierce. We all have it in us...let me help you release the Lioness. The world is waiting!
"Since joining FIERCE FITNESS I have learned how to view food, and I have found a NO QUIT MENTALITY! I have a strength inside of me that was just waiting to come out!“
Sophia Arguello
Happy Customer
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